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Mim Chowdhury
Jun 14, 2022
In Wellness Forum
As a designer, the most troublesome thing is that the brain is short-circuited and unable to come up with ideas. But ideas don't pop up suddenly for a while, so what should we do? Sometimes it seems that there are many ideas in my mind, but they are whatsapp Database scattered and scattered, and I don’t know how to pick them out and deal with them. What should I do? In fact, there is a very good method called mind mapping. This method can use the abilities of both the left and right brains to improve creativity and organize your thoughts. Einstein also liked to use this method to "create imagination games". Let the imagination run wild and find various possible whatsapp Database answers. Even if it seems impossible, creativity needs this to be called creativity. Our brains present a kind of divergent thinking and explosive thinking, and if you can organize these ideas well, you can find the "central idea" of your creativity. Methods and characteristics of writing mind maps First of all, you need to prepare a piece of white paper. White paper can be very good to zero out the messy thoughts. As shown in the figure below, on several branches in the center, write down the whatsapp Database keywords you think of around the central word. Write one on each branch, no matter what word it is. After writing, write it down on the next branch. The first word that comes to your mind, and so on, divergent thinking. You think of 5 words from one word, then those 5 words can think of other words separately, so your creative output increases by 500%. When you fill up a whole page, look for your applicable whatsapp Database keywords, connect them in series, and you may be able to find the results you want. Mind mapping can clearly sort out the messy thoughts in your mind, it will give you a clear panorama, you can appreciate both the details and the whole. Image source and network As can be seen from the above figure, mind maps have some specific characteristics: 1) Expand some branches around a point you want to clear up. 2) Using multiple colors to express can make the chart clearer whatsapp Database and the classification more clear. 3) You can use some pictures or paintings to express, which can stimulate some thinking. 4) The chart is very divergent and has no fixed logic. 5) At a glance. Ways of expressing mind maps In addition to writing on paper, there are many computer software for mind mapping. Using paper whatsapp Database and pen can make the brain have a deeper impression, and at the same time use the left and right brains, the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to modify.
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Mim Chowdhury

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