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Raihan JIbon
Aug 01, 2022
In Wellness Forum
Go to a Psychologist." It Is Recognized That There Are Many Possible Elements and Factors for the Occurrence of Healing, and It Is True That It Is Not Only a Psychologist or a Non-Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy Also Has a Very Important Purpose, Which Is to Bring the Healing Experience That Occurs in the Consultation Room Back to Life, and It Must Be Able to Occur Stably in Ordinary Life, So as to Achieve a Change in Personal Status. , Is Definitely the Moment When Psychotherapy Should End. Therefore, How to Make the Therapeutic Elements in Psychotherapy Can Be Carried Out in Everyone's Life Will Be a Major Focus of Promoting Mental Health. There Have Been Many Moments in the Interview Room, Many Things Have Happened, and Still Amaze and Amaze Me to This Day. This Is Like a Mysterious Space. People Who Come Here Allow Themselves to Let Go of All Constraints and Show Themselves. Many executive list Performances That Are Usually Impossible and Impossible Have Become Possible in the Meeting Room. Here, You Can Go to Multiple Universes, Get to Know Yourself in Different Universes, Even Interact and Talk with Them, and You Can Go to Different Timelines to Start Possible New Adventure Stories. It Is Like the Random Door of Doraemon. After Entering, It Shuttles to Another Place, and When I Walk Out of the Random Door, I Have Become a Little Different and Become the More I Like. I Think One of the Important Reasons for Such a Thing to Happen Is That the Person Who Comes to the Meeting Room Is Willing to Give Himself a Period of Time, So That Another Person Who Has Received Professional Training Can Better Guide Him to Face Him. in Such a Space, Accompany Him to Face Himself, and Get Along Better with Himself. the "Allowance" and "Acceptance" That Take Place Here Are Precisely
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Raihan JIbon

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