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zzz aaa
Jun 21, 2022
In Wellness Forum
The basic tasks of business analysis are to present business results and monitor business processes. Therefore, the most basic Whatsapp Database business analysis is really to move out the income and cost report, which usually consists of three parts: Operating results: revenue, cost, profit figures Business goals: progress of annual goals, gaps Operational risk: Whatsapp Database receivables, inventory, cash flow Most of this data can be extracted from financial statements, so it feels like it's moving around. At the same time, these data seem complex, but very weak. Because they are all outcome indicators, they cannot explain the source of the problem. For example, there is more inventory, more receivables, so less cash. These are just appearances. Whatsapp Database To explain further, consider: Why is there more inventory? Is the production plan unreasonable, or is there a problem with sales? Sales encountered problems, is the problem of price, quality, customer demand, sales...? Is the problem temporary, or long-term? Do short/long term Whatsapp Database plans need to be adjusted? None of these can be answered in primary analysis. Therefore, only relying on the result data can only answer: "revenue should be high" and "cost should be low". This is also the number one reason why business analysis is criticized. The business analysis done by some financial departments has this effect. In the final analysis, it is because they do not understand the business process and can only see the numbers. 2. Primary business analysis If you want to analyze more deeply, you Whatsapp Database first need more data. And I want to explain: how does the revenue come from and how does the cost come. The source of income and cost structure need to be dissected. To decompose the Whatsapp Database source of income, you need to grasp: the business logic of generating income. This is usually described by the people-goods-yard model. Each business model has a main revenue logic.
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zzz aaa

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