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The Next Chapter

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Life in our house is never boring. With three kids under six at home, jobs (including a recently-started career as a real estate agent), side businesses and an endless list of home projects, there is always something that needs to be tended to in our home.

Last month we sold our recently-renovated house to move into a new (older) home to renovate and restore, so the stress and busy-ness has roughly doubled.

We firmly believe, though, that life's challenges and difficulties are opportunities for growth - personally, spiritually and financially.

Over the past eight years since we moved to Baton Rouge, we have become increasingly involved in the local real estate industry - renovating and selling two primary residences and purchasing, renovating and managing several rental properties. In the process, Sally got her real estate license (shameless plug: contact Sally or check out SoldWithSalBR on Facebook for all your home buying and selling needs), and we are looking for ways to share our experience and lessons we have learned with others.

Our next renovation project will be the biggest so far. Over the next month we will move into an apartment in our next project, a roughly 5,200 square foot, 1930's-vintage house that is currently divided into five apartments (with a sixth in the garage) that has affectionately been called "Casablanca" by former tenants.

Casablanca on move-in week before any work started

We plan to document the process as we restore the house back to its former beauty and reclaim much of the space as a home for our family.

As with any renovation project (especially one involving a historic house), there will absolutely be surprises and challenges along the way, and we plan to document those and the lessons we learn from them.

It is our hope that this next chapter in our life brings us even more fulfillment than the last, and we sincerely look forward to sharing what we learn as we go.

For now, we will be adjusting to life upstairs in about half the space we had in our last house. Oh yeah, and only one bathroom between the five of us.

In the meantime, if you would like help buying or selling your next home or investment property, get in touch with Sally or check our SoldWithSalBR on Facebook. Or if you'd like to talk to us about real estate questions, renovations, Baton Rouge or pretty much anything else, feel free to reach out at

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